Hydrofluid commercialize a very complete and wide range of hydraulic components from selected manufacturers.

Hydrofluid’ R&D specialized staff carried out a precise assessment of all the articles and carefully tested the quality of each product.

In force to the deep knowledge of the hydraulic components and of the all Suppliers, Hydrofluid propose not only the most known brands, but also the original and newest articles, technologically more advanced. Thanks to this possibility to choose in this wide range of products, by committing yourself to Hydrofluid you are sure to get the “perfect unit” for your application.

With their consolidated experience in the hydraulic industry, Hydrofluid concentrate their business on providing equipments worldwide for the following fields: metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, marine, construction, petrol extraction, drilling and trenching, mining, heavy and light earthmoving, agriculture, equipments for environment.

Hydrofluid’s pride consists in its workmanship and expertise, which allows to guarantee the highest value of reliability, safety and performance from all its products.

Hydrofluid are able to offer personalized solutions, and after an accurate study of your needing, can also find the most suitable product for you. The whole service is supplied in synergy with SAM Engineering, which carefully studies the application and provides the relevant hydraulic scheme.
SAM Engineering is exclusively dedicated to offer consultancy and services, like for example: quality testing, prototyping, rapid prototyping, research and developments, training and designing.


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